Why Is Timeflow Different?


The data and analytics market is very crowded, with all kinds of tools for capturing, processing, storing and analysing data.  Understanding which tools and platforms you need can be overwhelming, and managing and operating all of them can be an expensive undertaking.  For this reason, it’s important to only introduce new tools where they genuinely add new capabilities and business value.

We believe that Timeflow, our platform for operational analytics, meets this bar by taking real-time analytics from the besopke, developer dependent realm into a simple product which exposes a low-code approach. Nobody else on the market is approaching this with a focus on business events.

The differences in Timeflow can however be a subtle distinction to make, so we wanted to summarise our differentiating features below by comparing the Timeflow approach with other products:

Real Time Focus

Timeflow focusses on processing real time data so we can identify insights as soon as they happen and when they are most valuable. This makes it particularly relevant for operational analytics use cases.

Other data and analytics solutions a delay whilst data travels from a source application into a centralised reporting database. This delay can take many hours or even days due to the batch transfers between systems and databases.

Data In Flight

Timeflow aims to processes and respond data whilst it is “in flight”, before it gets to an eventual database of record. The aim is to reduce the time to insight and drive practices such as closed loop analytics

Other data solutions are oriented around storing or ad-hoc reporting on data within a large database after it has happened.

## Data Science and Machine Learning

Timeflow allows complex statistical and machine learning models to be applied to real time data feeds.

Other business intelligence solutions are generally about filtering, querying and aggregating relational data in simple visual ways and are poorly suited to more complex analytics.

Business Events

Timeflow processes data from all kinds of business scenarios such as orders, customer interactions or IOT devices. This makes it suitable to a wide range of business problems and initiatives.

Other solutions are often focussed on IT event data such as high volume log files or security scenarios.

Operational Analytics

Timeflow allows you to identify the specific situations of interest that you care about so you can act upon in the moment. This makes it very suitable for operational analytics scenarios.

Other solutions are all about ingesting very large volumes of data for ad-hoc analysis after the fact, making them more suitable for strategic analytics.

Citizen Developers

Timeflow is very simple to use, enabling citizen developers and power users to experiment with data feeds and build powerful analytics scenarios which previously would have had a dependence on data engineers or developers.

Other solutions are often complex and require IT staff to be able to configure and use.

Transient Data

Timeflow holds data only for the amount of time we need it for operational analytics and real time processing, before persisting in the most appropriate data store.

Other Solutions often acts as a long term persistence layer.

Open Data

Timeflow provides access to the underlying database, Clickhouse, in an open fashion for reporting or data science purposes.

Other Solutions are often proprietary in nature, including the all important data store. This creates lockin and propertierary integration.

Professional Services

Timeflow provides an optional professional service to help you with the journey to becoming an event driven organisation including system integration, application development and data science.

Other Solutions are often primarily product companies which you need to configure internally or using third party system integrators.

Limited Consumption Based Billing

Timeflow provides a simple and predictable cost model which aims to minimise expensive “consumption based billing”.

Other solutions have opaque consumption based charging models which quickly become expensive as agents are deployed, more data is ingested, and more modules switched on.

Hopefully the above brings our differentiators to life. We are spoilt with all of the great open source and commercial data and analytics tools in the market, but do believe that <a href=http://>Timeflow</a> fills a specific and growing niche.

About Timeflow

Data & Analytics Platform For The Crypto and Digital Asset Markets

Timeflow helps Crypto and Digital Asset Market participants extract insights from Crypto data collected from Blockchains, Exchanges, Smart Contracts and Web3 projects.