Example Use Cases

Timeflow can be used to meet many varied business requirements.  Please see the sections below for examples.

Business Monitoring

Monitor for events and situations of interest and be notified instantly as they arise.

Real Time Analytics

Real time visibility as to how the business is operating and performing End to end.

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalous situations which are impacting revenue or customer experience.

Employee Prompts

Prompt employees with regards to their next best action or with situations they need to be aware of.

Real Time Enterprise Search

Search across data sources with immediate visibility of data within disparate data sources.

Internet Of Things

Capture and analyse data from connected devices with high volume and low latency.

Audit & Compliance

Log all events for an auditble event history of what actually happened.

Customer Experience Monitoring

Monitor the customer experience proactively in order to reduce friction and customer churn.

Employee Experience

Inform your employees of their "next best action" to help them be more productive.

Real Time Business Intelligence

Arm your people with real time reports and dashboards.

Real Time Data Science

Allow data scientists to develop, deploy and infer from models trained on real time datasets.


Automatically forecast timeseries and take actions in response to forecasts.