We Help To Design, Build & Run Real-Time and Advanced Data Platforms

We provide a technology agnostic consultancy service to help you deploy advanced real-time data and analytics capabilities. Using the best open source and cloud-native technologies in industry, we will help you capture and organise your data, understand and analyse it in real time, and build the processing capability, visualisations and applications which enable your people and your business to outperform. Work with our expert data engineers for your full journey to becoming a real time, intelligent business.

Our Work

Timeflow have worked with a number of industry leading businesses to deploy advanced streaming analytics capabilities.  Please see below for links to our case studies and customer stories.  

Working With A Retail Bank To Provide Continuous Customer Due Diligence

Monitoring customer data for completeness, freshness and accuracy, intelligently, leveraging third party data sources for validation.

Working With A FTSE 100 Treasury Team To Provide Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Monitoring treasury payment data to identify situations which pose a security or regulatory risk, combining a wide array of indicators.

Working With A Connected Car Manufacturer Process Weather Data Captured From IOT Devices

Processing uploads of atmospheric data to identify patterns and changes in weather which could impact the driving experience.

Working With A Financial Exchange To Capture Performance Data and Monitor Regulatory Controls

Capturing metrics and KPIs in real time and ensuring that regulatory obligations are met by all market participants.

Working With A Hotel Group To Increase Yield And Market Share Using Dynamic Pricing

Monitor short term changes in demand and price sensitivity in order to provide additional information to hotel revenue managers.

Working With An Energy Company To Forecast Customer Churn Based On Price Changes

Monitoring customer churn in real time and identifying correlations with business events such as price changes and call centre KPIs.