Timeflow Partner With OpRes To Improve Resilience In Financial Services


Timeflow are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with OpRes, a business that focuses on the emerging “Operational Resilience” agenda within financial services.

The aim of Operational Resilience is for banks to properly identify where individual business service lines are exposed to risk due to their dependence on third party systems or suppliers. As an example, too many business critical high revenue systems dependent on a SaaS platform with a 98% SLA may be an unacceptable risk posture to a tier 1 bank which should be identified and mitigated.

OpRes offer software and solutions which help financial services organisations mitigate this situation. This includes services for discovering the current landscape through discovery and interrogation of third party data sources, and the presentation of management information where executives can take a conscious decision about their operational risk posture.

As Timeflow captures and enables real time visibility of technology and business metrics, the two solutions complement one another by providing OpRes with real time visibility of IT and business metrics to ensure that IT leaders within financial services organisations are afforded a real time and accurate view of their current risk posture.

As part of this partnership agreement, Benjamin Wootton, Timeflow founder, has agreed to join the OpRes board as an advisor.

We look forward to working together to enable businesses with real time Operational Resilience indicators.

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