Timeflow Labs

 System Integration, Data Science & Development Of Real Time Analytical Applications

There is significant value in building stream processors and in using Timeflow as a standalone platform.  However, to really extract value from these real time analytics you will potentially need further development to integrate into your source systems or those applications which business users use to derive value from.  Timeflow Labs is an optional consultancy system integration service that we provide to develop these capabilities with you, providing the following services:

  • System Integration – e.g. with websites and back office systems in order to stream relevant data into or out of Timeflow<;/li>
  • Application Development – Building dedicated analytical applications that incorporate streaming analytics;
  • Architecture Deployment – Deploying your Timeflow instance for maximum scalability, performance, security, operability within the data centre or within the cloud;

Data Science & Insights

The data and event streams you capture within Timeflow will likely hold significant business value.  You will capture an incredible granularity of what is happening in your business and be able to understand how various operational processes are interacting and correlating over time.   

Timeflow Labs includes a data science capability for analysing these event streams to look for insights and patterns. We can then take this learning and implement stream processors to improve your customer experience and operationalal performance.

As well as the Artificlal Intelligence and Machine learning capabilities incorporated into the product, we can also work with you to develop sophisticated machine learning models to provide forecasting and classification solutions.