Consultancy & Services

Data & Analytics Engineering

Helping Crypto and Web3 Businesses With Data & Analytics

We help Crypto and Blockchain businesses implement sophisticated data and analytics solutions where there are stringent requirements for low latency, high performance, big data, and complexity of analytics.

Though our engagements are typically based around our Timeflow platform, we do take a technology agnostic approach, and leverage modern Cloud Native, SaaS and leading open source technologies to help our clients deliver their most impactful and challenging data projects.

We also provide our customers with ongoing support in the areas of Data Engineering, Analytics and Data Science as required, as well as providing a range of upskilling services to help our customers build their internal Data and Analytics capabilities.


Our Capabilities and Focus Areas


Cloud Analytics

Take advantage of cloud native analytics capabilities


Data Lake

Build corporate data lakes to combine business event data


Data Warehouse

Implement high performance cloud data warehousing



Move from batch to real time streams of events


Data Engineering

Build reliable data transformation pipelines


Data Science

Move data science out of the lab and into the business

Case Studies

Our Recent Projects

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

We worked with one of Europes largest banks to implement continuous monitoring of customer data quality and accuracy to meet regulatory KYC requirements.

Security & Surveillance

IOT Monitoring

We worked with a leading car manufacturer to deliver a proof of concept of monitoring atmospheric data in real time across a fleet of thousands of vehicles.


Gaming Compliance

We worked with a leading UK based company to monitor regulatory obligations for responsible gaming.


eCommerce Optimisation

We worked with one of the largest eCommerce businesses in the world to monitor conversion rates of eCommerce projects in order to live optimise real-time advertising spend.