How It Works


Timeflow is a software platform that monitors all of the events in your business in order to detect and resolve situations intelligently, automatically and in real time. 

It works by listening to business events from enterprise and mobile applications, websites, IOT devices and other data sources, and monitors for situations of interest, such as a customer having a bad experience, or an opportunity to improve the efficiency of a business process.  When a situation is identified, Timeflow will then look to resolve it earlier by either prompting a human, or through automatic interventions.  

Timeflow is a new class of analytics tool which goes beyond traditional business intelligence such as reports and dashboards, to something much more proactive and real time.  What’s more, we make this available to power users and citizen developers within businesses so that they can experiment with, design and build real time analytics with ease.



Key Features

Timeflow incorporates the following features:


Processes real time data feeds so we can identify insights as soon as they happen when they are most valuable.

Have a delay whilst data travels from a source application into a centralised reporting database, perhaps of a day or more.

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