Security & Surveillance

Criminals in the online and offline world are becoming more sophisticated and harder to track. As business likewise speeds up, the potential for loss and reputational damage is magnified.

A key tool in combatting this is in monitoring events as people are interacting with your business. A basic example would be many incorrect password attempts, or many calls to your call center which all fail validation.

Ideally these security checks do not damage the customer experience, so it is important to deploy them in the right situations based on the observed data and patterns.

Example Use Cases

Timeflow integrates with a range of websites, applications, APIs and other data sources across your business to identify and respond to key situations of interest. Examples specific to this industry include:

Example 1 – Failed Seurity Validation

A customer calls the call centre three times and fails security validation each time. They then visit the website and fail security again. The account is locked as a result and the customer is contacted to resolve.

Example 2 – Physical Building Security

An employee who has had their contract terminated tries to use their pass to enter the building. Security should be alerted to monitor the situation.

Example 3 – Suspicious Transaction Monitoring

An account which has not been used for many years accesses the site and places a large order to a foreign country. The order is flagged for manual review before dispatch.