The Media industry is experiencing significant change, with content moving online but facing monetization challenges and the move to subscription models. In this environment media companies must constantly offer new and engaging content to keep their subscribers engaged amongst a number of alternative offerings.

It is an industry very much suited to data and analytics, monitoring how media is being consumed and interacted with in real time. In this competitive market, the key is to respond to what these analytics and insights are telling you, and quickly acting on it to influence the offering to customers.

There is also massive scope for personalisation in the media and content industries, surfacing the most relevant and timely content to your audience in the same way that companies such as Netflix are successfully achieving.

Example Use Cases

Timeflow integrates with a range of websites, applications, APIs and other data sources across your business to identify and respond to key situations of interest. Examples specific to this industry include:

Example 1 – Content Personalisation

A visitor comes to your website every day to view Football related content. We customise the website to display more relevant content. A week later they begin viewing content about Cricket, so we begin to intelligently mix in relevant content to our recommendations.

Example 2 – Intelligent Subscriber Analytics

We would like to run a campaign targetted at females who access Travel content on our website. We use Timeflow to listen for events matching this, and add them to an advertiser report for future purposes.

Example 3 – Customer Retention

A reader historically visits our website 5 times per week. Over the last 2 weeks, they have only visited once per week. We identify this pattern and initiate a campaign to raise their level of engagement.