Logistics & Shipping

The Logistics and Shipping industry is a competitive one which is undergoing a high degree of change. New technology and new market entrants are challenging margins whilst customers expectations for fast, agile, just in time delivery are relentlessly increasing.

In this industry, there is huge potential to use data and analytics to provide a more responsive and efficient business. This business is a relatively real time one, with constantly changing demand and supply patterns and loading and routing decisions which can be optimized on a continual basis.

In addition, real time analytics can be used to improve the customer experience by providing more transparency into the shipping process.

Example Use Cases

Timeflow integrates with a range of websites, applications, APIs and other data sources across your business to identify and respond to key situations of interest. Examples specific to this industry include:

Example 1 – Yield management

Next Sunday, there are relatively few deliveries compared to previous Sundays over the last 12 weeks. We therefore reduce prices to maximise yield and revenue for the route.

Example 2 – Route Optimisation

A number of pickup requests are placed for urgent priority collection this afternoon. The system recognises this and readjusts pickup schedules for couriers.

Example 3 – Shipping Transparency

As orders are sent from source to destination, a number of source systems are updated. Timeflow is used to collect information from all of these systems, and share the updates in a digital front-end. SMS’s are sent when the delivery is due within the next hour.