Industry Example Use Cases

Timeflow can be used to meet many varied business requirements across a range of industries.  Please see the pages below for examples.

Banking & Finance

Deliver intelligent financial recommendations, carry out intelligent transaction monitoring and meet regulatory and compliance controls.

Security & Surveillance

Identify patterns and situations which pose a security risk, combining a wide array of


Improve the operational efficiency of your manufacturing processes and equipment in order to maximise quality and profit.


Track gaming experiences in real time in order to personalise experiences and implement regulatory controls.


Build personalised digital experiences including dynamic pricing. Make back office operations efficient and responsive.

Construction & Real Estate

Improve efficiency from the construction process through to an operational building, making use of IOT and RFID data.


Improve offlline customer experience and back office efficiency in order to delight customers and maximise revenue.

Hospitality & Leasure

Deliver memorable experiences for guests whilst optimising your pricing, yields and workforce management.

Logistics & Shipping

Support your planning and workforce management in a dynamically changing supply and demand environment.


Personalize and moderate consumer experience in order to maximize advertising
or subscription revenue.

Capital Markets

Respond to market situations, monitor transactions and make back office processes significantly more efficient.

Transport & Travel

Improve the traveller experience in planning and during the trip. Maximise revenue and yield optimisation based on search activity.