How It Works

Timeflow is a low-code software platform which makes it easy to ingest, process, analyse and respond to your business data in real time:


Ingest data from enterprise applications, websites and other data sources in real time as it is created.


Process data in real time to identify situations of interest and general real time analytics and KPIs.


Arm your business users and data professionals with real-time data, reports and dashboards.


Respond to situations automatically before they impact customer experience or revenues.

Enabling Real Time ‘Event Stream Processing’

Timeflow is based on a technique called ‘Event Stream Processing’, which involves monitoring streams of real time events from a range of sources, intelligently processing these event streams to detect situations of interest, and then either informing a human or integrating with other systems in a “closed loop” manner to resolve the situation in real time. 


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Based On Industry Standard Open Source Technology Including Apache Kafka & Druid


Timeflow is based on industry leading open source standard technologies, including Apache Kafka and Apache Druid.  These technologies are fully exposed and managed as part of our platform.

Apache Kafka is the worlds leading distributed event streaming platform.  It is used to process high volumes of events, with full resilience, guarantees of exactly once processing, low latency and high degrees of security.

Apache Druid is an open source database which is uniquely suited to working with real time analytical data.  All data that is streamed into or out of Timeflow is stored and made available through a managed Apache Druid instance, allowing data analysts and data scientists to analyse data for insights and produce ad-hoc reporting and dashboards to inform business stakeholders.  Bespoke applications can also be built against this dataset.

This technology stack is the same in use at leading organisations such as Netflix and AirBNB, meaning that our users are using best in class event streaming technology, are completely free of lock-in, and able to access and integrate directly with the platform to build powerful and highly customised solutions.


Our full technology stack is oriented towards low latency analytics over real time data with immediate responses.

Our full technology stack is oriented around working with high frequency and low latency time series data.

Our full technology stack supports real time event based computing and architecture, responding instantly to business events as they occur. 

The technologies we use are the leading open source products in the space, avoiding the need for any proprietary lock in.

Our full stack operates in a cloud native environment in order to provide optimal security, performance and reduced operational overhead.

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