Focus Tools & Platforms

We offer a technology agnostic consultancy service that makes use of the best open source, cloud native tools in the market in line with our clients preferences.  That said, below are the technologies where we have particular expertise and success.  

Apache Kafka & Confluent

Apache Kafka and the Confluent ecosystem together represent the leading open source platform for high volume event processing.

Apache Spark & Databricks

Databricks and spark are the leading solutions for distributed big data and stream processing in a collaborative online environment.

Apache Flink

Apache Flink is the leading open source stream processing engine for processing streaming data in a highly accurate and stateful manner.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the worlds largest cloud platform, providing a range of infrastructure and data processing capabilities including the Kinesis suite of products.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP provides a number of infrastructure as a service capabilities for real time data processing including Cloud Dataflow, PubSub and Big Query.

Apache Druid

Apache Druid is a high performance database for demanding analytical workfloads requiring fast ingestion and analytics.

Elasticsearch & ELK

Elasticsearch and the ELK stack is a powerful solution for providing search, analytics and visualisation over large datasets.

Dash By Plotly

Dash by Plotly is a rapid application development framework which makes it easy to build data intensive applications.


Tensorflow is the most widely adopted open source framework for deep learning model development.