Real Time Analytics Demonstration Videos

On this page we link to a number of videos demonstrating the approaches we take to enable businesses with real time analytics.  

Monitoring And Enhancing
Customer Service

Identify high value customers who are complaining frequently in order to make proactive interventions and reduce churn.

Tracking Metrics And Key Performance Indicators

Tracking metrics and key performance indicators in response to real time business events for instant operational visibility.

Proactively Monitoring
Time Series

Proactively monitor time series data in real time in order to visualise how the business is operating in different time horizons.

Triggering Human Workflow Activities From Event Data

Prompt employees to act and follow their "next best action" in response to situations arising within the business.

Real Time Anomaly Detection
With Timeflow

Real time anomaly detection over high volumes of streaming data.

Automatic Sentiment Analysis Of Text Based Data Using Timeflow

Automatically analyse incoming customer reviews for sentiment in order to identify customers at risk of churn.

Monitoring Atmospheric Data
From Connected Cars

Combine data from two sensors to understand how connected cars are responding to weather conditions in different locations in real time.

Monitoring Data From Financial Market Trades

Monitor electronic markets to identify and monitor the most frequent traders on the market compliance or marketing purposes.

eCommerce Metrics & Key Performance Indicators

Monitor key performance indicators in the eCommerce domain in order to drive business strategy.

Real Time Data Cleansing And Data Quality Monitoring

Monitor data feeds in real time to ensure quality, completeness and accuracy of data entered into source systems.

Real Time Data Dashboarded In Elasticsearch

Dashboard and report on real time data streamed from Kafka into Elasticsearch.

API Calls In Response To Business Situations

Identify situations of interest dynamically and in real time, and then executing an external API call in order to support real time resolution.