Apache Druid Consultancy

Apache Druid is a high performance real-time analytics database.  It allows you to ingest and process extremely large volumes of data with low latency, and immediately make this available to consuming applications or business users. 

Due to it’s unique architecture, Druid is said to sit at the intersection of NoSQL databases, OLAP databases, time series databases and search systems, fullfilling multiple use cases in one datastore. 

Druid is the data platform in use by organisations such as AirBNB and Netflix to provide their real time analytics and telematics, demonstrating it’s enormous scalability and performance on some of the most demanding use cases in industry. 

Druid integrates well with Kafka, providing native connectors with very low latency data ingestion.

Our Capabilities

We work with organisations looking to leverage Apache Druid to help their businesses become more intelligent and real time.  A selection of our capabilities and services in relation to this are shown below:

Druid Design & Build

Designing and building your Druid deployment

Druid Managed Services

Running Druid on an ongoing basis.  

Real Time Analytics

Advanced analytics on top of your Druid deployment.  

IOT and Telematics Use Cases

Special considerations for high volume IOT data.