Enable Your Business With Real Time Data & Analytics

Timeflow is a low-code software platform that helps businesses improve their performance using real-time data and analytics.

Real Time Analytics

Analyse data from across your business to understand what is happening right now.

Big Data Analytics

Store, process, search and respond to large, complex and rapidly changing datasets.

Operational Insights

Arm your business users with real-time reports and dashboards to inform their "next best action".

Event Processing

Respond to situations automatically before they impact customer experience.

Grow The Business

Win market share, increase revenue and drive cost reduction through insights that lead to higher business performance.


Improve The Customer Experience

Improve and personalise the customer and employee experience by monitoring for situations and driving the personalised next best action. 


Increase Business Efficiency

Operate more efficiently by automating processes and gaining real time insight into how your business is operating.