We Power Intelligent, Real Time Businesses

Timeflow is a complete, low-code software platform for extracting value from real time data.


Capture data from across your business and customer interactions as they happen


Monitor business processes for situations of interest and anomalies


Analyse and visualise real time data for instant visibility of business operations


Respond, resolve and intervene in situations intelligently and automatically

Improve The Customer Experience

Improve and personalise customer experience by identifying and responding to positive and negative customer experiences in real time.

Grow Revenues & Reduce Costs

Increase revenue and drive cost reduction
through better, personalised customer offers and lower cost of sale.

Drive Business Efficiency

Drive efficiency of business processes by
automating processes and gaining real
time insight into how your business is operating.

In Your Business, Everything Is An Event - Which You Could React To

As your business operates day to day, a number of events are taking place. Think orders, dispatches, customers enquiries, complaints, or those events more specific to your business.

To build a truly compelling customer experience and an efficient business, we need to monitor, identify and react to these events in real time and deliver an intelligent response.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have this reactive 'event stream processing capability'. Instead, their data is trapped in siloed systems and perhaps integrated into a data warehouse with batch "extract, transform and load", where it is then analysed by humans, days after the fact.

Timeflow helps companies move beyond this, giving them instant visibility into how their business is operating, enables them to build reactive personalised customer and employee experiences, and deploy automation that can drive the them to new levels of efficiency.

Example Use Cases By Industry