Enable Your Business With Real Time Data and Analytics

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What It Does

Real Time Analytics Made Easy

Timeflow is a powerful software platform that allows businesses to capture, monitor and respond to their real-time operational data and analytics.

It's fast to deploy, and has a low-code and visual approach which makes it easy to operate and use. This avoids the need for complex bespoke development of real-time data platforms and requires lower total cost of ownership than alternatives.

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Inform Your Business

Monitor Key Business Metrics In Real Time

Timeflow helps you to move away from stale reports and dashboards describing what happened yesterday, towards real time operational analytics that show what is happening right now.

It can combine data from across your business systems and make key operational insights immediately available to data analysts, data scientists, business users and employees on the ground in order to solve problems and respond to opportunities proactively.

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Build An Intelligent, Real Time Business

Timeflow helps you improve your business performance and customer experience by monitoring events from any data source, and intelligently identifying and responding to situations as they happen.

It can be applied across industries and use cases, in any situation where response time matters.

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No Consumption Based Billing

Many data products have high costs with uncapped per event or per megabyte charges. We avoid this with simple flat fees and on premise deployments.

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~ $1000/month


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News & Insights

The Timeflow team are experts in helping businesses harness modern approaches to data and analytics. Please follow our latest thinking below.

Today we have pleasure announcing Timeflow Academy, our platform for helping new and experienced Data Engineers level up their skills. Data Engineers are the people responsible for capturing, transforming and...


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Historically, business intelligence initiatives have focussed on providing self service dashboards and reports which are used to surface information to business stakeholders. Typically, the data shown on these reports is...


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