Data & Analytics Platform For The Crypto and Digital Asset Markets

Timeflow makes it easy to analyse and monitor Crypto and Blockchain data for purposes including trading, risk management & compliance

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Research and Analysis Platform For Crypto and Blockchain Data

Timeflow captures data from sources including Blockchains, Exchanges, Smart Contracts and Web3 projects, organises it, and makes it available to business analysts, data scientists and business users to support their research, analysis and production applications.

Though common use cases include trading, risk management & compliance, our open architecture makes it possible to deploy solutions for many varied analytical use cases and applications, using the tools preferred by your analysts.

Using our managed platform avoids the need for complex bespoke development of real-time data infrastructure, and does so at a lower total cost of ownership than alternative approaches.

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Inform Your Business

Research and Gain Insights Into Crypto Datasets

Timeflow performs the heavy lifting of ingesting and organising large volumes of data from the diverse and rapidly evolving Crypto and Blockchain ecosystem.

Once ingested, your Data Analysts and Business Professionals will then be able to analyse the data to identify insights or meet your business obligations using their preferred tools and frameworks.

Finally, you'll then be able to automate the production of reports and monitoring to monitor for situations of interest as they occur in real-time.

By extracting value from your data in new and creative ways, you'll be able to identify opportunities, operate more efficiently, and grow your Crypto related business.

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A Modern and Secure Cloud Native Data Platform

Timeflow is designed for the Cloud using a modern streaming architecture and industry best practices.

It is built around leading open source technology including Apache Kafka and Clickhouse, which we make available directly to your Data Professionals without limitation as a managed service.

By leveraging our platform and managed services rather than building bespoke Data Infrastructure, you'll be able to move directly to building your differentiated analytics rather than re-inventing the wheel.

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Deploy It Your Way

Timeflow is open source. Deploy your own instance in the data centre or cloud, or work with us to manage and optimise and extend your deployment.

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The Timeflow team are experts in helping Crypto businesses harness modern approaches to data and analytics. Please follow our latest thinking below.

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